Hammock Care & Tips

Hammock Care & Tips fig_01

Using Your Hammock

All hammocks are made more comfortable if sat in on an angle (fig. 1). This flattens out your body and better distributes your weight for less tension, good back support, and thus greater comfort. Some wide hammocks—like the Yucatan or Maya hammock— are comfortable when lying across it. (fig. 2). In a double hammock, two people can sit together in several ways (figs 3-4).


Getting Into Your Hammock

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Position yourself to sit on the hammock as you would a bed or chair – that is, with your back to the hammock. Do not straddle the hammock or climb in feet first. Reach behind you and spread the hammock out before you sit down (fig. 5). This gives you a bigger target and ensures you make full use of the hammock’s space for the best weight distribution. Sit down, stretch out and relax.

Getting out of the hammock is even easier. Just swing your legs over the side, sit up, then stand up using the edges or “rails” of the hammock to push yourself up with your hands.


Caring For Your Hammock

Hammock Care & Tips fig_06Avoid hanging a hammock directly on hooks as friction wear may result. Instead, loop chain or rope from hook through loop end of hammock and back to the hook (fig 6).


When handling hammock, always hold it by the loop ends to avoid tangles.

Hammock Care & Tips fig_07For storage of hammock, hang both ends from one hook on the wall or in the closet. Or fold it as shown in fig. 7. Do not just toss it on a shelf without folding it first.


Hammock Care & Tips fig_08Hand wash with mild detergent. Some colors may bleed a bit. Tie up arm strings first to avoid tangles (fig. 8).


All hammocks, no matter what material will last longer if not left exposed to the weather. Most of our hammocks are cotton which is a better material outdoors than synthetics because man made materials tend to break down from ultraviolet rays. Ideally you would bring your hammock in out of weather extremes. Ask us which hammock is best suited to your local weather.

Should a string break on an open weave hammock, it will not run like a stocking. However do tie the two broken ends together so that a hole doesn’t develop. For a broken arm string, also just tie a knot.