Hammock Hanging Instructions

Inside Home or on Patio Porch

Hammock Hanging Tips fig_01Hang from wall studs or ceiling joists (beams). To find studs or beams, tap on wall or ceiling to determine approximate location. Most interior walls have studs every 16 inches. Then tap in a thin nail to make sure you have hit wood behind the wall board. Find center of stud or beam by tapping in a thin nail to left or right of first one. Screw in hooks (fig. 2) and use appropriate amount of chain or rope to hang hammock.


Outside Home

Outside Home If You Have No Trees
Use side of house or garage (see fig. 1 or 3) or sturdy fence post for one connection. Then set a 4 inch x 4 inch post (like a fence post) the correct distance from the first connection.

Outside Home With One Tree
Use the tree for the first connection and place post nearby.

Outside Home With No Trees Or Walls
Place two posts the correct distance apart for your hammock.

Note: Posts should be eight feet long. Dig hole 2 to 3 feet deep so that when post is set, it sticks 5 to 6 feet above ground. Pour in a bag of ready mix concrete and add water using directions on the concrete bag.

From Trees
Use hooks (as illustrated) if trees can accommodate them without damage. Otherwise, tie a rope around the trunk or sturdy branch using a cinch knot.

From Masonry, Concrete Or Adobe Walls Or Ceilings
Use 5/8 inch masonry bit to drill a 1 3/4 inch deep hole at a slight angle. Tap in a 5/8 inch lead expansion plug. screw hook into plug and hang hammock.

Hammock Hanging Tips fig_02

Hammock Hanging Tips fig_03